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Smooth Exfoliating Care Luxurious Cleansing Cream Revitalizing Lotion
Smooth Exfoliating Care
Price: £21.00 Inc VAT
Luxurious Cleansing Cream
Price: £25.00 Inc VAT
Revitalizing Lotion
Price: £37.00 Inc VAT
This cleansing anti-bacterial gel contains mild exfoliant beads to gently and kindly cleanse the skin. It softly eliminates micro-organisms and bacteria leaving the skin feeling soft and clean. This fresh, oil free, non-dehydrating gel helps control breakouts and acne as it helps to softly remove dead cells and dirt whilst treating acne. This soft luxurious concentrated cleansing cream has a honey-like texture! Unctuous and smooth-flowing, this cream helps eliminate deep impurities and make-up. Enriched with HydraEco it soothes, repairs and rejuvenates skin (A Rich Emulsion With Tensine® To Restore Facial Firmness)

Biosublime Revitalizing Lotion is a sublime lotion formulated with Tensine®. This emulsion delivers essential moisture and restores facial firmness leaving skin youthfully nourished, energized and refreshed. The creamy lotion rebalances the skin and helps neutralize environmental aggressions before they can cause your skin to look prematurely aged. The peptides in the formula stimulate the production of collagen and other structural fibers.
Day Cream Multi-Actions HydraLift Serum
Day Cream Multi-Actions
Price: £46.00 Inc VAT
HydraLift Serum
Price: £60.00 Inc VAT
This light textured, anti-wrinkle cream lightens and brightens the complexion. It is formulated with brightening technology to decrease pigmentation marks without any risk of irritation and ensures an evenly luminous complexion.  Used daily it will gradually lighten and brighten your skin leaving it looking fresher and younger and protected from UV damage,  fades and prevents age or dark spots. Formulated with  brightening technology it ensures an evenly luminous complexion. It contains synergic vegetable complex: Whitening agent, Anti-UV action and sea collagen. Airless 30 ml/1 oz

The Hydralift Serum leaves your skin velvety smooth whilst decreasing the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. Its anti-aging and moisturizing benefits help skin recover its natural radiance. Hydralift Serum is formulated with GPAG® and a new biotechnological active ingredient from sweetened black tea with lifting, anti-aging and smoothing properties.